RokitNow provides businesses the ability to interact with customers via two-way text messaging

Aliso Viejo, CA - October 13, 2015 - RokitNow provides an easy way to utilize two-way text messaging using toll-free or local numbers. Today's tech savvy consumers rely on text messaging to communicate with their friends. Businesses can use RokitNow's service to help keep in touch with their customers in a similar fashion.

RokitNow's features include automated responses based on keyword. For example, texting the word "address" to your phone number can automatically return the physical street location of your business. In addition, you can setup keywords for items such as coupons or specials. Automated out-of-office replies ensure that consumers who text you when you are not available get a response letting them know that someone will get back to them as soon as possible.

Two-way text messaging can be accomplished using toll-free numbers or local numbers. Businesses can advertise on their website that consumers can "Call or Text" them using one number. RokitNow also provides forms you can place on your website where users can enter their cell phone number and ask a question with the expectation of getting a text response back.

To learn more about RokitNow and how to use text messaging call or text 855-ROKIT-NOW (855-765-4866). You can also visit us at or email [email protected]

About RokitNow

Founded in 2014, RokitNow, is a brand new startup hoping to help businesses reach out & keep in touch with their customers. The company name was formed by taking the first letter from each word of the company's motto: Reach Out & Keep In Touch.