Welcome Multifamily Insiders!

Short codes, Toll-free numbers, Local numbers, existing land lines. We got your texting needs covered. Click here to request more info about our free trial

  • Text ROKITNOW to 29698 to learn more.

    Get your own keyword that people can text!

  • RokitNow can enable text messaging on most your existing toll-free or local landline numbers. In most cases, you do not need to get a new number and can send and receive texts using the number you already have without changing your voice carrier.

    You can also request a brand new toll-free number or local number if you wish.

  • Respond to text messages from anywhere using your computer or smart phone or tablet.

    Each text message can be converted into an email. Replying to the email will send a text message back.

    You can think of our system as a text-2-email and email-2-text solution.

    Your staff will require very little training as they are just viewing and responding to emails like they already do today.

    You can also use our web application from your computer or smart phone to send and receive text messages.

  • Add a "Text Us" button to your existing mobile and desktop websites with one line of javascript code we provide.

    When mobile users click the "Text Us" from their phone it will automatically launch the default text message app on their phone with your phone number pre-populated

    When desktop users click the "Text Us" button on their computer they will be presented with a form where they can enter their cell phone and ask a question and get a text response back

  • Setup automatic responses to incoming keywords. For example, if someone texts the word 'address' to your number we can respond with your actual address.

    Automatic responses can also be based on time of day. For example, if someone sends a text message after hours we can respond letting them that someone will get back to them when you open.

  • You can send text blasts to multiple recipients based on different groups.

    Customize groups into any segment you wish. For example, groups could be all residents, all tenants in building 1 or building 2, all tenants in a particular unit, etc.

    Text blasts can be used to send notifications. For exmaple, a text blast to all residents in building 1 letting them know the water will be shut off